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Sunday, May 17, 2015

spare a thought for the dancing marmot

illustration from text - PD
From a book of picture fables translated from German, with illustrations from the original artist, Otto Speckter:  a call for children to think gently and generously of the creatures we bend to our wills.

"You'll give me a trifle, good people, I'm sure;
I'm very unhappy, and wretched, and poor.
My friends in the corn-field are merry and gay,
While I am here hopping and dancing for pay;
In winter they sleep without danger or dread,
While I must be waking and begging for bread."

"I pity you much, you poor little thing;
I too love to gambol, to dance, and to spring;
But had I to dance at another's behest,
'T would not seem to me like a game or a jest.
For you't was, poor marmot, a sorrowful day,
When cunning men caught you, and took you away."

-- Hey, W. (1858). Picture fables. New York: D. Appleton. p. 39.

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