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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

an opinion on the pug

this is a vintage photo time replay with a tiny pug!
And a wrong one, too, pug enthusiasts will agree.
It has been said of the pug dog that he is applicable to no sport, appropriated to no useful purpose, susceptible of no predominant passion, and in no way remarkable for any pre-eminent quality. He seems, indeed, intended to be the patient follower of a ruminating philosopher, or the adulatory and consolatory companion of an old maid; but is now gradually becoming discarded as a pet, and is seldom seen peeping out of a carriage window or basking in a London balcony.
Wait a minute - I know I've seen them peeping from midsize sedans (or any number of other body styles)!
Quote from Edward Jesse (1858). Anecdotes of dogs. London: H. G. Bohn. 416.

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