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Saturday, November 28, 2015


"I'm pretty sure Ben knows I'm dying," the voiceover says calmly.  As prepared as you may be, it still takes a beat before you realize it's the dog talking.  Then you'll keep listening and watching, rapt, and you will probably cry, and feel perfect about it.  The dog was Denali, whose dad Ben Moon is a photographer and filmmaker with a wide-open heart for nature and our place in it.  Denali and Ben went everywhere and did everything together.  When Denali's last days came, Moon made all the time remaining as gorgeous and adventuresome as possible, even if it meant carrying him there.  A sacrifice? No, a privilege.  And then he developed a Vimeo short . . .


parlance said...

A beautiful tribute. I have seen it previously and I'll have to gird my loins and look again soon. It is exquisite. Thanks for posting this beautiful piece of filmmaking.

curator said...

You're welcome, Parlance. I'm truly in awe at the beauty and restraint and candor of this piece of film. I was reminded that dogs don't overlay their lives with sentiment and analysis - they get on with doing, liking, loving. Of course I'm pretty sure that wonderful lifestyle helps such a frame of mind, but if no one ever got to do that, we'd never have the glimpse of it to inspire us.