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Monday, November 30, 2015

the eight lives of mr. tybalt

image copyright and by kindest permission of the artist
He looks at you gravely, gesturing to his candle, which has burned down to a stub. Not much light left. He has put away his belled neck ribbon. Under his paw, the eight of hearts.   DD McInnes' "The Eight Lives of Mr. Tybalt (after Nicolaes Eliaszoon's 'Portrait of Nicolaes Tulp', 1633)" is not only a playful take on this 17th-c Dutch portrait, but a look at an older cat considering the approach of that last round of life.  
Canterbury UK artist McInnes brings a certain 16th-17th century sense of mixed magic and inquiry to a cast of animal and insect players.  Many scenes are, like this one, adapted from classic works of art history, yet make sense all on their own too.  (I can't help but appreciate anyone who lists their preferred materials as "Paint and dreams".)  A trip to McInnes' Etsy shop, The Litus Gallery, opens a door to a world as gentle and stately as a Watteau or a Gainsborough, in which bumblebees skip rope, foxes doff their tricorne hats in the face of nature's power, and hedgehogs iceskate on old-style curly blades with a cornucopia of Christmas gifts.  This is delightful, heart-filling work for those of us who do look for both reason and magic in our days.  

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