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Thursday, December 10, 2015

dog wood

image copyright and by kindest permission of kristin mcclement
A dog sleeps among the trees, belonging to them as much as the earth and the roots do.  This image says volumes about the simple yet immense joy your pet (and you, if you let yourself) can find in nature.  This work comes from UK artist Kristin McClement, and can be found here at CroftoeArts. Here's Kristin on her art and herself:

After graduating from Brighton University (UK) with a degree in Fine Art Painting I continued to experiment with different techniques of producing images, but it was lino cutting and printing that I returned to again and again.
I'm a great lover of nature and of worlds ruled by our imagination.
The European Honey Buzzard (where the name of my print shop comes from) is a summer migrant to Europe and Western Asia, spending its winter in Africa, including South Africa - where I was born. I’m now based in Brighton, a beautiful, bohemian city by the sea.
I also make music - if you’re curious, my sounds can be found at www.kristinmcclement.com.
I'll definitely be checking her music out as well!


parlance said...

I agree that having a dog helps us tune in to nature. Whenever I'm out with Penny she alerts me to the details of our surroundings. A smell at the base of a tree (I have to just imagine that one), an interesting leaf (that might just be a dropped piece of bread), a patch of grass that is just absolutely right for rolling in. And lots more.

curator said...

Yes, I agree that being with a dog makes me recall and investigate immediate and simple pleasures: the wind in my fur (hair), the smell of leaves, grass, trees...and occasionally other stuff.... Very best to you and Penny, Parlance!