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Friday, April 08, 2016

draw a bird day 2016

i can't draw
I heard it from a Mutts comic: April 8th is Draw a Bird Day.  All you have to do is draw a bird and share it.  The point?  Sharing.  This began in an English hospital in 1943, when a little girl went to visit her uncle.  He had been wounded in the war, and to distract him the little girl asked him to draw her a bird.  So he did:  a bird which was not great art, but made her laugh and promise to put it on her wall.  Soon fellow patients were handing her this bird drawing and that, and as these things do, it snowballed from there.  Why April 8th?  That was the little girl's birthday.  Sadly, she never lived to be old, but the birds happen every year inn her memory.  The Draw a Bird Day website will tell you the whole story, and has lots of birds to share.
And me, your friendly Curator? I cannot draw, but I love wrens a great deal.  Here's my wren.  What did you draw?


parlance said...

I didn't draw a bird today, but I did listen to some birdsong and it was beautiful.

curator said...

I would have loved to see any bird you drew, though.