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Thursday, April 07, 2016

open wide! two cats one matchbox

found on flickr, user wackystuff. creative commons attribution-noncommercial 2.0 generic
What do I know about this matchbox label?
1.  It is attributed to Japan circa 1910.
2.  It is terrific.
3. I wish I could translate it.
The art of vintage matchboxes is a rich trove for collectors.  Here's a short article from Collectors Weekly to introduce this affordable, inventive genre of creativity.


parlance said...

Most interesting article about vintage matchboxes. I'm so old now that some of the matchboxes in my pantry are probably vintage. Literally. And I go to a holiday house with a wood-burning fire, where the pantry has some old, old matchboxes. What a pity to throw the boxes out. But I can't collect EVERYTHING, can I?

curator said...

Maybe someone else would give them an appreciative home? I know, I can't collect everything either, but I hate to see lovely old things tossed.