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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"before the cat can lick her ear"

thanks british library flickr (PD)

From a book of proverbs collected c. 1700 (and published in 1817):

984.  Biting and scratching gets the cat with kitten.
1015.  Brag's a good dog, but will not bite.
1051.  Can a mouse fall in love with a cat?
1071.  Cats are hungry when a crust will content them.  (All too true - curator)
3230.  Like lambs, you do nothing but suck and wag your tail.
3236.  Like the smith's dog, that sleeps at the noise of the hammers, and wakes to the gnashing of teeth.
6025.  You'll keep it no longer than you can a cat in a wheelbarrow.

Fuller, T. (1817). Gnomologia: adages and proverbs, wise sentences, and witty sayings. New ed. London: T. and J. Allman [etc.].

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