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Monday, December 05, 2016

it's monday. have a vintage dog in a hat

NYPL, PD. see below for citation
From the photography studio of O. F. Baxter sometime during 1860 to 1880, here's a stereoscopic view of a most obliging hat model.  What might it have looked like in a stereograph viewer?  As it happens, the NYPL website has an animation tool to do that, and who can resist?


parlance said...

I looked at it through a pair of blue/red glasses we have at home and there was a 3D effect, but they all looked shaky. Is it meant to look like that?

curator said...

Hi Parlance! I wondered about that myself. Perhaps it's their animation software?

parlance said...

Yeah, it was interesting but I think it didn't quite work. My brother is a 3D aficionado, so I must ask him later.