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Friday, December 23, 2016

pet-hanced yule logs

thanks vintageimages.org
'Tis the season...to turn on the Yule Log.
That's right, the time honored tradition for those of us in the States who don't have real fire (actually, sometimes even if we do) is to turn on the TV or online Yule Log of our choice and leave that loop crackling in the background.
There only used to be one.  Now you may select your blaze of choice, including ones with furry, festive friends (and I'm not counting the 10-hour one with Nick Offerman).
This one, starring a terrier and a fine orange cat, is a particular favorite of the Kat Von D's.
Of course you have to have the first Holiday Lil BUB.  There's been one every year since - here's Lil BUB for 2016!
Maybe you want less log, more puppy.
Maybe you want a dog...and a Clydesdale.
Or Yule Log and bulldog.

Something for everyone!  Happy watching, all!

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