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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

would you like to read a book that belonged to henry viii?

Thanks to the University of Aberdeen, now you can.
The Aberdeen Bestiary was created in England around 1200.  At one time it was housed in the Old Royal Library at Westminster Palace, a collection gathered by King Henry VIII (after nicking most of the books out of the monasteries then being dissolved).  The University of Aberdeen in Scotland has cared for the bestiary for over 400 years, and has now uploaded a high-definition digital version that you can page through online.
Many curious and beautiful images await the animal enthusiast in this manuscript.  There are cats doing their thing, including grooming, on a page that includes a sleek brown weasel.  There are several pages on dogs; on this one the translated text reads in part, "Often, also, when a murder has been committed, dogs have produced clear evidence of the guilt of the accused, with the result that their unspoken testimony is for the most part believed."  You may also marvel at this leopard.  Better yet, go to the index and find yourself a favorite.

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