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Thursday, January 05, 2017

must be a really grey cat

thanks pixabay
More proverbs collected in 1700 (first post here). . .

693.  As grey as grannum's cat.
2020. He signifies no more than a blind cat in a barn.  (Really?  Blind cats can do amazing things - curator)
2396. He, who laugheth too much, hath the nature of a fool; he who laugheth not at all hath the nature of an old cat.
2524.  Honest is the cat when the meat is upon the hook.
2971.  It is lost labour to play a jig to an old cat.
6228.  The liquorish cat / Gets many a pat.  (licquorish: greedy, lustful, hungry.)

Fuller, T. (1817). Gnomologia: adages and proverbs, wise sentences, and witty sayings. New ed. London: T. and J. Allman [etc.].

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