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Saturday, April 22, 2017

romanian proverbs

thanks pixabay

From Rumanian Proverbs, collected by Marcu Beza and published in 1921:
  • Câinele nu intră, dacă nu-i uşa deschisă. -- A dog doesn't enter if the door is not open.
  • De te latră un câine, astupă-i gura cu pâine. -- If a dog barks at you, stop his muzzle with bread.
  • Câinii când încep a lătra te lasă, dar gura lumii—pace. -- There is some respite from a barking dog, but never from wagging tongues.
  • Câinele latră la lună toată noaptea, şi luna nu-1 ascultă niciodată. --The dog barks at the moon all night long, but the moon never hears him.
  • Cine se judecă, adeseori pierde un bou si câştigă o pisică. --The man who goes to law often loses an ox to win a cat.
  • Ce naste din pisică soareci mănâncă. -- What is born of a cat eats mice.
  • La casa cu două fete mor pisicile de sete. -- In the house where there are two girls, the cats die of thirst.


parlance said...

Oh, wow! How fascinating. I once was told that Rumania was an outpost of the Roman Empire and somehow got cut off from Rome. (Or something like that.) And that the language is strongly based on Latin. I was fascinated to see so many words that I think I understand. For one, the different forms of the word for dog; also, what I guess is the word for bread; luna for moon; casa for house.

Super interesting. Thanks.

curator said...

Always a pleasure to hear from you, Parlance! I hope you and Penny are very well. I've been thinking of you.