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Saturday, July 01, 2017

cat tree

thanks wetreesinart.tumblr.com  believed PD in good faith
A Franz Marc I haven't seen?  And a ravishingly beautiful cat one at that?  My morning's off to a great start already.  When I found this 1910-11 oil today its name was given as "Chat derriere un arbre."  My limited French was taxed, for when I was growing up a derriere was a very polite word for a person's bottom.  Hey presto, a run through Google translation tells me this is a Cat Behind a Tree.  So it is.
According to this page at franzmarc.com, Cat Behind A Tree was also called "Children's Picture," and was in the Hanover Museum till 2009, when it was returned to the family of its original owner.  Also noted is the unusual composition: the cat, the logical focus of the painting, is partially obscured behind the thick blue (masculine color) tree, sleeping cozily in a yellow (feminine) field.  A play between shelter and support?  With Marc, that's possible - and here, I have to say it again, delectable.

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