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Monday, July 03, 2017

cat commentary 1900

thanks british library flickr

We have seen words of advice from the Biggle Pet Book before. Here's J. Biggle introducing us to the domestic cat:
I am one of those who believe that cats are capable of deep affection for their guardians, for I have seen many cases where cats have mourned the departure, or gladly welcomed the return, of those they have loved and trusted.
Cats have some advantages over dogs as home-pets. They are less clumsy, they take up less room, do not eat so much, are not so noisy, nor do they track dirt into the house on a muddy day. They are as good, or better, as ratters and mousers, and seldom have any odor, a fault from which few dogs are free.
Cats, in their nature, are clean, sagacious, tenacious of life, brave, independent, and usually self-sufficient. They are irritable by temperament, sensitive to changes of weather, to frost, to thunder : they are excitable, and naturally disposed to bite and scratch when at play; there is a tendency in them to lose their heads when in high spirits.
 Biggle, J. (1900). Biggle pet book: a collection of information for old and young whose natural instincts teach them to be kind to all living creatures. Philadelphia: W. Atkinson. 52.

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