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Sunday, July 22, 2007

home again

Back from the warm golden Bay Area to the muggy gray and green PNW, to my cats, and to an enormous amount of laundry I have to bug off and do.

I come back with a little sun, three bottles of wine chosen at Folio Winemakers Studio (who had an excellent black and white cat on their porch), and tons of great memories. One thing I do notice about the Bay Area is the hot and cold running pet boutiques; pets are a very important part of the residents' lives, and dogs of all sizes are everywhere.

I forgot to mention I went to the M H DeYoung Museum on Thursday - the first museum I ever saw in my life, when I was eight. So that is the spot where your friendly Curator realized that museums were something she needed in her life for always. It's been grandly renovated and beautifully too.

There's a Grant Wood there I had never seen or known about: Dinner for Threshers, from 1934. Look for the cat in the kitchen.

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