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Friday, January 25, 2008

vietnamese figures of pet speech

Today I stumbled upon Linh Dinh's blog Detainees and his list of Vietnamese figures of speech. I've cherry picked a few pet-related ones. The differences - and similarities - of traditional societies in their concerns and how they phrase them never fail to interest me.

Dog yawns, swallows a fly. Chó ngáp phải ruồi.

Dog dies, story's over. Chó chết thì hết truyện.

Hide, like the cat, its litter. Giấu như mèo giấu cứt.

Mouse gnawing on a cat's leg. Chuột gặm chân mèo.

Kill one cat, save ten thousand mice. Giết một con mèo mà cứu vạn chuột.

Beat a dog, look at the owner. Đánh chó, ngó chủ.

Car hits dogs, dog hits car. Xe cán chó, chó cán xe.


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