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Monday, December 29, 2008

the nyt takes on different petstyles

Say you live in New York City. An exciting and vibrant place, to be sure, full of opportunity -- but short on living space. Your condo or apartment absolutely won't let you have a dog or cat, but after a long day in the big city you dearly want a small friend to cherish. What do you do?

The New York Times asked that question of a few citydwellers in that boat, resulting in a piece called The UnDog and the NonCat. You'll meet Pounce, the Holland lop-eared rabbit who behaves well unless he needs to chew; Swami and Odin, two small friendly parrots; and Ajax, the chinchilla, whose nocturnal habits dovetail into the work schedule of his people.

It's good to see other pets get some face time. By the way, I decided to see what else the Times had on tap for pet articles, and did a search. Here's an article on CuteOverload (you haven't seen that already have you?). And a nice couple who test drove pet-having by getting a fish.


parlance said...

I love the story of the fish!
I kept fish for thirty years and could fill a book with amazing things that happened. One sad one was when I dropped the glass cover in the tank and cut my fish in half! Ughh - stressful to see the beloved creature's front half swimming around - but not for long, you understand...
Another not-so-successful episode was the pair of super-expensive flying fish. Guess how small a hole in the cover glass a fish could fly out of? and guess whether the mate would pine away without her partner?

curator said...

Whoa, Parlance! Those are some fish stories all right!
-- If you swing by let me just say now - A very happy New Year to you and Penny! I do so enjoy your visits and visiting you in turn.

parlance said...

Happy New Year! I'm getting in early because we get the new year earlier over here in Australia, lol.