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Monday, March 01, 2010

diego: small dog big adventure

photo courtesy b. o'brien
That's what the subject line of the email said this morning, and if you have been around long enough at the Museum, you know I cannot resist anything about my favorite Pomeranian. He was accompanying his human on a trek through the wilder part of his property, and had dropped out of sight for a while - and suddenly appeared out of nowhere, perched on this log like the little red king of everything.


Four Dinners said...

Maximus Spittimus would like to advise you that he is slightly alarmed that this alien creature is not dissimilar to himself in colour. This is a worry for Maximus.

Four Dinners
Aide de Camp

He is one HANDSOME lad old bean. What a beaut!!!!

sbo said...

I realize those are forsbobet doggies but I would be hard pressed not to eat one ;)