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Saturday, January 29, 2011

an empowering pet?

The Missouri Yearbook of Agriculture, 1892: Women. They need to earn a living, for some crazy reason, and surely they don't want to hold down those crummy inner city jobs when they could be breathing the wholesome atmosphere of the country. What to do? Oh, yeah - have 'em keep bees. Bees, the pet that brings commercial value with no risk of rabies. Read an excerpt from a lady beekeeper's argument in favor, below:

* * *

Women are so constituted as to demand pets. From husband, children and friends, down through the long line of plants, birds, cats, dogs, etc. etc., her pets are the constant recipients of caressing attentions. Then why not supplant the more unprofitable ones by the busy bee? Bees for pets! They sting! Admitted, but let me assure you it is nothing like as hard to endure as the sting of unkind and cruel words from beings possessing intellects, and perhaps those from whom, above all others, we should have expected, oh so differently! (I'm sold. I'm getting bees. -- Curator) Women love and caress cats and dogs. Bees never scratch nor bite, and have never been known to transmit hydrophobia. Get women interested in bee-keeping and there is no knowing to what heights their ambition will lead them. Do you deny them the attribute? Just wait until the spring bonnet has to be purchased, and some of you who have the bills to foot will agree with me.

* * *
Want to read the entire article? It's fascinating and unintentionally hilarious. Hope you can find it at this GoogleBooks link.


Winnie said...

Oh thanks for that - it really made me laugh.

I'll tell the Lady Of The House in case she's hoping for a new bonnet this spring!!

Hoo-roo-hoo (that's a greyhound laugh)

parlance said...

Hilarious - hey man, get your woman doing something useful with all that girly sensitivity. So she gets stung - at least it'll save you having to shell out for those bonnets she's always wanting - because you guys say it's not okay for women to show their hair.

I'll get off my soapbox now.

Thanks for the post. What a find.

Anita said...

This is my human´s face O_o



I must pass this on to my human - No bees at our house! (although a litle bird did get in through the air conditioner vent one day - that was interesting. Human rescued bird before it coudl become a snack :)